Web Development

We build websites that make our customers shine. Whether you are a startup, promoting a small or medium sized business you have come to the right place.

4 Keys To Effective Websites

We Partner With You

  • KEEP IN TOUCH—Communication is key to any good partnership. We listen to what your needs are and build websites suited to your requirements. We keep you in the loop throughout the process of completing your project.
  • MEET DEADLINES—We put in place a mutually agreed timeline for designing your website from start to finish. This ensures no delays and a clear path to launch date. We know you are excited and anxious to grow your business so we help not hinder you on your way.
  • COSTS & AFFORDABILITY—Designing an effective website is not cheap and like anything worth investing in, you get what you pay for. Where we are different is agreeing on a payment plan that you can afford so you don't have to compromise on quality.
  • SOLID SUPPORT—Of course, we don't leave our clients hanging after we have your website up and running we provide maintenance and hosting, So you can have peace of mind. If you have opted to update your own website we provide training and support.
  • SHARE KNOWLEDGE—We are always learning and improving so as new technologies and marketing techniques arrive we pass them along to you and implement them as well on your behalf. We are interested in long-term relationships with our clients.


Ready to sell your products online? eCommerce websites allow you to have a shop open 24/7. You can take payments, organize delivery and help customers all from the comfort of your office or home

  • FRAMEWORK & SETUP—We utilize Woocommerce and WordPress a perfect combination for a solution that is mobile friendly, scalable and local. All our eCommerce websites are built on a platform that is easy to edit and add on extra functions as your store grows and discovers new needs.
  • PAYMENT GATEWAY—You can add several payment gateways to your store to incorporate a wide variety of payment options for your customers. Two main gateways we utilize are PayPal and pay fast which allows for debit, credit, EFT and Mobile transactions from 4 of the major banks locally..
  • PROCESSING ORDERS—Once payment is made you can track all orders at the back end of the website, send notification and invoices to buyers. Buyers have their own login and profile. You can also add shipping costs to goods by quantity and area. All data is kept at the backend allowing you access to it at any time.


Our fully supported, reliable hosting network is built to deliver results. With a range of options and 24/7 support, we’ve made it our mission to make the web accessible to everyone.

Extra Add-ons / Services


Prepare images of products for your eCommerce website by removing or replacing backgrounds, improving the quality of images through retouching, resizing images to the correct dimensions and finally optimizing the size of the image without losing picture quality for quick loading times.


Add more features to your online store to enhance the consumer experience, such as live chat, table rate shipping, currency switchers, infinite scrolling, sorting product metrics, coupon codes, more payment gateways, wishlists and so much more...


Make your customers feel safer and increase trust in your online store by adding an SSL certificate. Customers will buy with confidence when they know that their personal information is protected such as credit card numbers and banking details.


We look after our client's websites like prized possessions. We update, secure, maintain, improve and backup on a regular basis so they have peace of mind.

There is a difference between hosting a website and taking care of a website. Most website hosting is sold to the masses at the cheapest rate to the customer without a thought of the implications to the client. Support is reactive and often very slow. Essentially you are sold some space online to showcase your website and that's it.

As a result of this kind of service being offered, clients get frustrated, websites get hacked and costs rise. We believe there is a better way. We know you are trusting us to look after your website, make sure it's always online, that it's bringing in queries and that it's safe and secure.

This is why you need a partner that does more than just host your website. You need someone that monitors it, updates it, makes changes when requested and most importantly someone you can pick up the phone and talk to when problems arise. We don't like ticket systems any more than you do, which is why our clients call us and get instant help.

If you are looking for personalized website care, technical support in non-geek speak and peace of mind knowing your website is backed up, online and secure you have come to the right place.

Please feel free to contact us