To be the leading internet services provider in the region by offering high quality internet services so that we can be the best and preferred Internet service provider in Pakistan. At Gerry’s Net , we have a quality policy which is about achieving sustained services with a commitment to meet and exceed our valued customer’s expectations and satisfaction.


We deliver what we promise, on time in time and on budget.


Salient Features

  • IP Whitelisting from PTA for VoIP, Video Conferencing and VPN legalization.
  • Redundant links via different Routes, Ring, POP to minimize downtimes due to last-mile failure.
  • Domestic & International peering with Multiple levels of redundancy.
  • Route Optimization - Flexible and Shortest Routes to IP Cloud.
  • Excellence in services.
  • DDOS Attack Monitoring Services provided free of cost.
  • No data caps + DDOS attack monitoring.
  • Directly connected to the Internet gateway.
  • Minimum latency while connecting to IP Cloud..
  • 24-hour/7-day technical support.
  • Range of Packages available from 1 Mbps to Gigs capacity.

Value Added Services like:

  • Nationwide & International Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
  • Primary & Secondary Domain Name Services (DNS)

Internet Services

  • We offer high-speed premium CIR internet bandwidth connectivity to the end user with optimized global routes that meet’s the customer business desire with no traffic congestion and low latency rate to specified URL’s and other relevant working domains with competent secure last mile connectivity solution.
  • You surf, we'll take care of the rest!

Wireless Connectivity

  • Gerry’s Net is providing wireless frequency last mile connectivity to the end users on free band while keeping all the legalities and its support and established un-interrupted connectivity to the customer while using multiple wireless point of presences POP’s across the city to make it more convenient to deliver smooth and reliable services and using latest or advanced equipments.

Optical Fiber Connectivity

  • Gerry’s net is providing Optical leased fiber services to the end user to provide data links integration and Internet throughput based on customer desire.The competence of last mile optical fiber is purely based on the customer requirement and we can also present the redundant optical medium solution from alternate routes to make the connectivity more secure reliable and hassle free.

Dedicated Account Manager

  • At Gerry’s Net , we understand how important it is to stay connected and that’s why we give you a dedicated KEY Account Manager who will get to know your business internet connectivity requirement and can provide you the right solutions.

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