Gerry`s Bonus distribution ceremony

August, 2013


Bonus distribution ceremony was held in Gerry`s Information Technology Office in Karachi on 22nd August,2013 where cash incentives were given to all employees by the CEO GIT Arshad Wali Muhammad.

GIT succeeded in achieving the set targets for the fiscal year 2012-2013. The bandwidth increased by large , and it is expected that by December-2013, the bandwidth will be further increased.

Gerry`s Group Director and CEO GIT, Arshad Wali Muhammad on this occasion applauded the efforts of the entire team. General Manager Sales & Operations Syed Hadi was confident about taking GIT to even new horizons under the leadership and supervision of Management.

Gerry`s Information Technology, one of the divisions of Gerry`s Group of Companies, is the driving force behind Gerry`s Net. It continuously explores new ways of bringing unique solutions for its customers. It ensures a fast and reliable service with smooth and uninterrupted connectivity.